We Care

At Alternative Auto our core values are to provide: a high quality of workmanship, great customer satisfaction, the safest repair techniques available all while reducing environmental impact.

How do we provide a High Quality of Workmanship? By ensuring that all of our Mechanics are either Red Seal Certified Technicians or Registered apprentices with the Industry Training Authority of BC. Our Red Seal Journeyman Technicians are encouraged to upgrade their skills though various courses and training made available to them. By having highly trained staff that are up to date on the latest technologies we provide an unmatched Standard of Quality.

Our strategy to providing a high level of customer service has many aspects. Fair pricing, we will never over charge or sell you something you don't need. We treat you like family and want your car to leave our shop as safe as it can be. Cars can be complicated, we wont pressure you or make you feel stupid for not knowing, we will be as educating and as transparent as possible in explaining the repairs to you.

The Automotive Repair Industry can be a dirty one. We do everything in our power to Reduce Environmental impact. Waste oil, filters and antifreeze are collected for reclaiming. Empty plastic oil jugs are sent out for recycling. All failed auto parts are disassembled and returned for scrap metal. Tires and drive belts are shredded for reuse as other rubber products. Cardboard and paper produces are also recycled.