BC Government Vehicle Inspections $125* + taxes

There are two reasons you may need to get a Government Vehicle Inspection done on your car or truck. (1) If you’ve recently moved to British Columbia or have imported a car from out of province. (2) If you have been pulled over by a police office and they feel your vehicle is unsafe for our roads, they may issue you a Notice and Order. This comes with usually a 30 day window in which you are required to have your vehicle inspected, or take it off the road. We have 3 Licensed Texhnicians on staff who are also Certified Vehicle Inspectors by the Gov’t of BC. We have found over the years that many shops abuse the power given to them and will fail vehicles for reasons beyond what is required for a pass. If another shop has failed your car or truck for reasons you can’t understand, we are happy to give a second opinion! * Modified vehicle may have an additional charge