Air Conditioning Services

A/C System Recharge:
Cars $110 *
Trucks & SUV's $135 *
Vehicles w/ Rear A/C $175 *

- Recovery of remaining refrigerant left in your vehicles A/C System
- 15 minute Vacuum Evacuation & Leak Check
- Recharge refrigerant to factory specification
- Inject Vehicle Specific oil into system
- Confirm that the vent temperature drops 30 degrees Fahrenheit
- Ultra Violet Leak Check

Some of the other A/C Services we offer are:

Compressor Clutch Replacement
Compressor Replacement
Leak identification & repairs
Filter/Dryer Replacement
Orifice Tube Replacement
Condenser Replacement
Evaporator Replacement
Ozone Treatments
Cabin Air Filter Replacements

*All prices are subject to taxes, environmental levies & a $10 charge per pound of refrigerant